Danie Mostert:

  • Danie has obtained his BA(Hons) LLB degree early in 1996 at the North West University;
  • Danie practised as an Attorney whereafter he joined a Labour Consultancy Firm;
  • He has extensive experience in labour law including representation at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils;
  • Labour Court referrals and litigation;
  • Civil litigation, collections and experience in various fields of law;
  • 12 years labour law experience.

We have partnered together as a team to be able to give you the best possible labour solution(s) to all your labour related problems. We will ensure that you comply with the necessary legislation and rules in your business taking the frustration out of your hands. Certain myths exist where employers are under the impression that labour law is not important. Ignorance of the relevant rules and procedures can however be costly to employers if not complied with. Don't underestimate the power of Labour Law.

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